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*** IMPORTANT NOTICE – January 6, 2016 ***

We have secured a new method of updating draw data that will allow P3 Charts™ to be upgraded and brought back online in the coming weeks and months. There are also plans to combine Pick 3 and Pick 4 analysis into one workbook, with the option of switching between games by clicking a button.

To make this a reality, we will soon be converting all workbook licenses to a low-cost monthly subscription plan. Existing members will be given a free three-month extension on their current workbooks so they can keep using P3 Charts™ at no additional charge while the new changes are implemented.

Unfortunately this change was necessary to keep the software viable. If you're a current member, please e-mail upgrade@p3charts.com and you'll be provided with a new workbook that takes advantage of real time draw updates. This should fix the problem of outdated draw data that some were experiencing. Thanks for your understanding.

   -Aaron Hughes, LottoChart Executive





  • Draw History pre-loaded with past winning numbers of your game
  • Track digit hits and digit skips, with color-coded bias trend bars
  • Track Pick 3 pairs, box or by position, with detailed third digit analysis
  • Track hot and cold numbers, by rank and variable range
  • Track sums, root sums, sum last digit and reverse sums
  • Five dynamic Pick 3 wheels - up to 8 digits for box, straight & pair play!


  • EZ Pair™ function predicts future pairs by box or position with striking accuracy. Optional web subscription available to view past hits!
  • New Backtest Mode allows you to instantly rewind the entire workbook between 1 and 500 draws into the past, then advance forward and test strategies to see how long it takes them to hit!
  • Pick 3 tools for all skill levels - from basic digit skips and hot / cold numbers to digit filters and skips of wheels, all information is presented in an easy-to-read visual format.
  • Step-by-step tutorials provided for FREE online, to help you read and interpret each chart to your best advantage!
  • Workbook distributed as a standard .xlsm spreadsheet file for use within the Microsoft® Excel* 2007-2013 application. Microsoft® Excel* 2007 or later is required for use, along with a recommended multi-core CPU and 1+ gigabytes of RAM for optimal performance.
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How to win Pick 3 by putting the odds in your favor:

Pick 3 is one of the easier games of chance in the world of lottery with odds ranging from 1:167 for a box win to 1:1000 for a straight hit. Still, the odds are stacked against the player and if you only play with random numbers, digits from birthdays, phone numbers, etc. then over the long run, the game is designed to separate you from your hard-earned money. In gambling terms this is known as “The house always wins!”

To help overcome these odds, P3 provides you with a series of in-depth charts so you can select a digit, pair, combo or sum when it is most favorable to hit again soon. The first question to ask is: When did it last hit?

Lotto Numbers

Pick 3 StrategyIf you take any Pick 3 game that's randomly drawn (with actual ball sets or a random number generator), you'll find that almost precisely 61% of the time, at least one of the winning digits is a repeat digit from the previous draw. 48% of the time a winning digit comes from exactly the second game back, or it skipped one game. 35% of the time it comes from the third game back, or a skip of 2 games, and 26% of the time a winning digit comes from exactly the fourth game back, or a skip of 3 games. By studying these skips and only playing a number when it previously hit most often, and is therefore likely to hit again, your odds of winning are much improved over random play alone.

Pick 3 StrategySkips occur in patterns and these patterns can be used to your advantage. For example, if you divide a digit's recent skips into two groups (low skips and high skips), you'll find that many consecutive skips from one group are followed by many consecutive skips from the other group. If a digit hits on several high skips in a row, it is likely to reverse course and hit on several low skips in a row. The division between these groups is known as the median, or middle skip of the hits. By highlighting skips above and below the median, and viewing them together in color-coded bars, you can anticipate what is likely to happen next when too many skips fall into one group or the other.

Pick 3 Charts by LottoChart Executive

ExcelAn Excel project – the culmination of years of study in the field of random number theory and workbook logic. I noticed early on that while the spreadsheet platform is excellent for calculating and tracking numbers, there simply weren't many good lottery applications available to run in a workbook environment. Part of the reason may be the sheer volume of formulas necessary to create an interconnected utility capable of tracking hits, skips, digits, pairs and sums over thousands of draws. In spite of these and other challenges, the formulas are now written and the information presented in a concise format across the top of each chart so you can focus more on playing your game. I hope the results will enhance your enjoyment of Pick 3 for years to come!


P3 Charts™ 2.1 for Excel 2007 / 2010 / 2013
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